The Importance of Knowing Your What and Your Why

A Masterclass on Finding Your “Why”


Help you figure out why is it SO important to know what your what & your why is for business

Google Search Console

How to focus your content strategy with proven keyword research

Brainstorm Editorial Content

See what content is connecting with readers using Google Analytics and Search Console

Site Maps

How to set up your site map and submit it to Google

Discover New Content Ideas

See what your competitors are creating through Google Search & Pinterest to spark new ideas

Pinterest Keyword Research

How to use Pinterest to hone your content to what readers are searching

Pillar Content

Define pillar content and teach you how to beef up your blog posts for maximum impact


This Masterclass is designed to help bloggers in any niche!

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So, who is teaching this course?

Taylor Bradford
Taylor Bradford, creator of Boss Girl Creative

Hi, I’m Taylor Bradford, and I help women creatives stand out in a sea of noise so that they can generate more revenue, make an impact, and create the life they want to be living.​

Taylor Bradford is the host and creator of the Boss Girl Creative podcast and community. 

In 2011, Taylor started a blogging tips and tricks series entitled #bloggingedumacation of her lifestyle blog, Taylor Bradford Blog.  After writing over 40 lessons, she decide to take her lessons and advice and turn them into a podcast which launched in July, 2015.  Her podcast teaches the whats, whys, and hows of blogging business and being a creative entrepreneur. 

Taylor has a passion for teaching and helping other Creative Entrepreneurs.  She has a knack for business and a life-long dream of sharing it with her fellow Boss Girls.

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